A few facts about carpet

You can almost feel the warm underfoot feel of carpet just by thinking about it, can’t you? There’s just something about carpet that brings to mind a certain ambiance that no other flooring material can match. Because no other flooring material can do what this one can. There are those who simply won’t consider carpet, for reasons of their own, but even the negative connotations this material once held are fading away. New technologies are increasing, as are the benefits of floor coverings, and homeowners are the ones who get to reap all the benefits. At Hillside Floor Covering, we believe knowledge is power, and this is definitely the case when it comes to flooring.It’s important to know all the facts about any flooring you are considering, because after all, it is a long-term commitment. We service the areas of Puyallup, Tacoma, Sumner, Bonney Lake, and Spanaway, with our showroom being located in Puyallup. We invite you to stop by at your convenience to speak with a flooring professional who can answer all your questions.


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What you thought you knew about carpet

Odds are we all had a parent or grandparent that had this particular floor covering. However, many things have changed over the years, and the flooring industry has changed drastically in that time frame. The biggest problems in those days were staining, allergy problems and premature wear and tear. While all of these situations do still exist, there have been major accomplishments in these areas. Stain protection, even geared specifically towards pet stains and odors, are now built right into the fibers themselves. Some come with fibers that are created to be hypoallergenic. And new blended fibers are outlasting the competition by leaps and bounds, especially in connection with the proper underpadding. Understanding how your own needs relate to the fibers you choose can also be a big help when shopping for new flooring. For instance, if you experience a high level of traffic throughout your home on a regular basis, you’ll want to stay away from fibers that are easily crushed or that do not hold a twist well. The fact is, there’s simply no comparison between today’s flooring and that of yesteryear. What’s more, it’s so easy to design with, as there are new color combinations, styles and fiber patterns emerging every day. It’s likely that you’ll find a wonderful complement to your already existing décor in carpet.